Custom beach cruisers from Colorado bikes are not your average bicycle. Created with personality and passion, each and every single one of our bikes is made with you in mind – no really – specifically you in mind. You’re the boss when it comes to the look, style and functionality of our custom beach cruisers from wheel to wheel and everything in between. We encourage you to add your personality…. your vibe…. your weird and unique little touch, if you will to your bike, making it truly yours in every way. It’s your bike, go wild. Find inspiration and examples by cruising through our website and outfit your custom bike with the options and accessories that speak to you.

Our job is to create your design using only the absolute best materials and to deliver your custom cruiser for less than any of our competitors and to do so in a time frame that makes you happy. We have compiled a base of colors and styles in order to create more than 279,000 design and color options for your truly custom beach cruiser and work diligently to create your bike to your specifications in just two days.

If you have any questions about COLORado Bikes or creating your own cruiser, we encourage you to call us direct at 970-306-4603. We believe that our customer feedback is what makes us a better company.