How to Enjoy Winter Rides

Though there are some places where even the most enthusiastic of us wouldn’t dream of riding our bikes during the winter, most places around the country still enjoy mild enough temperatures and snow-free days to keep us dedicated bike riders cruising happily. Supporting year-round bike riding, our team is dedicated to building those custom cruiser…read more

Teal Beach Cruisers Built Exclusively for You

It seems that the color teal is all the rage right now. The vibrant color is turning up everywhere from interior design, to fashion boutique shelves and from kitchen appliances to automobiles. At COLORado Bikes, we understand the appeal of the retro, nostalgic look that teal brings to everything. Teal beach cruisers are becoming insanely…read more

The Posture Benefits Of Riding A Custom Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Not only are cruiser bicycles all the rage right now (and have been for quite a while, honestly) but now you can even buy custom beach cruiser bicycles made right here in Colorado! Don’t worry though, we ship to all 50 states. Our teal beach cruiser is currently selling so quickly we can hardly keep…read more

Cruising with Manners

Just like in the office or at the dinner table, displaying good manners is an important social aspect while riding your bike. Though we like to follow a bit of a laid-back lifestyle here at COLORado Bikes, we always strive to be conscientious riders whenever we’re out enjoying even the most casual of rides. Though…read more

Essentials You Should Remember on Every Ride

Though we love the the carefree feel only a bike on a summer’s day can deliver, being responsible bike owners, we know that we have to remain somewhat responsible when riding our custom beach cruisers. This responsibility extends to being able to always take care of ourselves while out on the road or trail. Making…read more

Custom Cruisers for Everyone

This is one of our favorites so far. Is there a better two colors on a custom cruiser than yellow and teal? Feel free to try and prove us wrong with a custom cruiser of your own. It is not just our color combinations that are better than any others in the business its the…read more

Summer Nights Call for a Custom Cruiser

Perfect Summer Cruiser? We think so! It is time to get out and enjoy the weather on a Custom Cruiser made by Colorado Bikes. Touring around the neighborhood on a cruiser that is one of a kind. Colors that stand out and show off you individuality. Colorado Bikes can build a custom cruiser in 2…read more

Custom Women’s Cruiser – The Crest

The Crest below is a great custom women’s cruiser that is tailor made for summer nights. Yellow and Red meshed together to make a perfect addition to any bike fleet. Stand out from the “other” cruisers and design your custom bike today with COLORado Bikes. This Crest is our feature custom women’s cruiser. Powerful curvy…read more

A Perfect Custom Cruiser!

This COLORado Bike is one for the books. The way Teal and Purple work off of each other make it stand out from the rest. A custom cruiser that can be rode all around town and on every path imaginable!   Customized, personalized and Colorado-ized (yes, we understand it’s not a real word), COLORado Bikes…read more

A Custom Cruiser Bike Perfect for Summer

This Custom COLORado Bike is ready for summer. These three colors make it a perfect cruiser for riding in the warm summer nights that are just around the corner. A custom cruiser that will catch all the attention that you can handle. Our Custom Cruisers are simply the best in town. Check out the bike…read more

COLORado Bikes Custom Cruiser

This Crest is one that is not too loud but this show that it is one of a kind. A Custom Cruiser that is perfect for cruising downtown or all over town! COLORado Bikes can make your Custom Cruiser in 2 days and then its one its way to you. At COLORado Bikes our formula…read more

A Pair of Matching COLORado Custom Cuiser Bikes

    A his and her set of Custom Cruisers that will certainly catch everyone attention. The custom color combination of blue, teal and purple is a home run. The complementary assembly of these custom cruisers gives you a one of a kind bike without the task of putting it together! Get your Custom Cruiser…read more